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Hardheaded Rio a.k.a. Rio Cuca Dura
Sprung Monkey
Plana For My Grundle
A Frame
Wee See
Interpretive Ape Dance
GAT Swamba
Delta Skelta
House Of Handwash

Mike Dillon - Percussion and Vibraphone
Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar and pandero
Stanton Moore - Drums and Polyrhythms
Skerik - Saxophonist

(2003 - Tone Cool Records)

Enhanced CD - contains studio and live video footage

The power-trio lineup of Charlie Hunter (8-string guitar), Stanton Moore (polyrhythms), and Skerik (saxophonics) was christened Garage A Trois prior to the release of the group’s vinyl-only Mysteryfunk (Fog City) EP. Wanting to intensify the threesome, Garage A Trois added the firepower of Mike Dillon (vibraphone and percussion) and now unites some of the most adventurous souls in contemporary music.

Release Date: April 22, 2003

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